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About Nils Koesters is a  blog from Nils Koesters about technology, data collection, data analysis and data visualisation using data you can collect at home as a natural person in the course of a purely personal or household activity.

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My background is computing, and research and I also was a partner, business analyst in a care home for many years.
My PhD at the British Library
My undergrad is in zoology, ecology, landscape engineering, and wild animal biology (that’s big mammals, like bears, wolves etc).

Online Courses (MOOCs) with Certificates:

I furthered my knowledge also with these courses, as I was interested after the financial crisis, how it all happened:

  • Derivative Pricing – Anke Wiese – Herriot Watt
  • Matlab Programming – Gabriel Lord – Heriot Watt
  • Financial Markets – Dr Bing Xu – Heriot Watt
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning – Dave Corne – Heriot Watt

Various Publications, I was part of when I still worked in British Universities

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