global densities of AISHUB reporting AtoNs

The most common Aids to Navigation (AtoNs)

Wind farms in the North Sea
Wind farms in the North Sea

1496 unique MMSI were extracted from AISHUB‘s data feed from Message 21 (Aid-to-Navigation Report).  This was analysed with a simple R script.

Interestingly many windfarms in the North Sea report as AToNs.

navaid <- read.csv("C:/Users/X/Documents/AIS/navaids.csv", header=FALSE)
ncount <- count(navaid$V5)
antwort <- with (ncount,ncount[order(-freq),])
sichern <- head(antwort,50)
write.csv(sichern, file = "C:/Users/X/Documents/AIS/navaidanswer.csv")


cloch lighthouse
Cloch lighthouse
Nav Aid Typefrequency
Light, without sectors167
Fixed structure off shore155
Starboard hand Mark131
Port hand Mark129
Reference point108
Special Mark107
Beacon, Port hand93
Beacon, Starboard hand86
Light, with sectors82
Beacon, Safe water65
not specified54
Safe Water40
Isolated danger37
Cardinal Mark N30
Beacon, Special mark25
Cardinal Mark S24
Cardinal Mark W22
Leading Light Rear22
Leading Light Front19
Light Vessel / LANBY / Rigs19
Cardinal Mark E15
Beacon, Preferred Channel starboard hand12
RACON (radar transponder marking a navigation hazard)11
Beacon, Cardinal N10
Beacon, Isolated danger7
Beacon, Cardinal E6
Beacon, Cardinal S4
Beacon, Preferred Channel port hand4
Spare, Reserved for future use.4
Preferred Channel Port hand3
Beacon, Cardinal W2
Preferred Channel Starboard hand2

The most frequent AtoN  type is a “Light, without sectors”.

Close to Ijmuiden
Close to Ijmuiden

The following map shows how the AtoNs are distributed globally according to what is fed through AISHUB.

global densities of AISHUB reporting AtoNs
Plot of the global densities of AISHUB reporting AtoNs

These are the locations within Central Europe and the Brexit Island.

AtoN locations in Europe
AtoN locations in Europe and the island inbetween Ireland (Europe) and Europe

the following map shows the highest density of AtoNs between the Benelux nations and the island between the Continent and Ireland.

Densities of AtoN's before the Coasts of Belgium and the Netherlands
Densities of AtoN’s before the Coasts of Belgium and the Netherlands into the French Channel.