Ship Columbus on seen with the Automatic Identification System and using an Angular Material Scheme

Automatic Identification System Live 3D tracking

The Automatic Identification System is the focus of this article. I programmed the full stack to get my home AIS (Automatic Identification System) feed. Then I added  AISHUB’s AIS feed on a 2D and a 3D Map.

I show this on 30000 to 34000 live ships are tracked usually in 1 minute intervals.

Most importantly I used an Angular Material Scheme because I wanted to reduce information density. Both Vector and Raster Base maps are available to provide redundancy.

In the system I use C, Perl, PHP, Javascript, Angular 6, MySQL, two Linux servers, an Odroid XU4, a Rock64, OS Raster and OS Vector Maps via Docker Container. Data is fed in via Czml Streams on the 3D map. GeoJson data pulls are used for the simple 2D map other AIS sites use also use.

The project is in development.

Ship Columbus on
Ship Columbus on tracked by AIS with Angular Material Scheme
2D Leaflet map on
2D Leaflet map on with Angular Material Scheme
The ship Waverley in live 3D AIS mode and live on Webcam Feed
The ship Waverley in live 3D AIS (Automatic Identification System) mode and live on Webcam Feed
Venice on
Venice on