Brexit is stupid. Avoid no deal Brexit!

Brexit is stupid. Avoid no deal Brexit! is AI generated text that shows how screwed up the Brexit debate is. The AI generates the text by putting sentences together it found in the text that it parameters or features were trained on. I used OpenGPT on a local Jupyter notebook to generate the below text. One could of course also use the Google Colab mentioned in  the Medium article to generate text. Overall it seems if the world does not agree on a topic, AI generated text will be diffuse as well and can not hold an argument.

The results of OpenGPT-2 vs GPT are shown in the next image.

Results of opengpt-2 vs GPT-2
Results of opengpt-2 vs GPT-2

This also shows how Brexit will be a disaster as it split the UK in religious factions that threaten world stability and world trade.

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Brexit is stupid. Avoid no deal Brexit!.

Labour has already backed Brexit. It says that it does not favour a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ Brexit, and is calling for the least bad deal possible. But Labour does favour a ‘jobs-first’ Brexit (still better than Remain), which makes its support for no deal more than cynical posturing.
In any case, who would betray the jobs of British workers, the jobs of workers’ families and the jobs of British businesses by pursuing such a stupid policy?
Labour’s cynics will not be the only ones to be fooled by the Tories’ self-serving Brexit strategy – No deals is also what the Conservative party believe. So ‘no deal’ will be one of their easiest issues to sell to voters in the General Election. But the Tory’s blithe belief that it can ‘easily’ deliver a backwards Brexit is entirely mistaken, and these ‘No deals’ are in fact helpful and desirable. Their anti-labour agenda relies on a stupid no deal stance, which will open up the threat of an NI border to huge swathes of the UK.
So be very, very careful what you wish for.
The very fact that the UK prime minister is so weak it finds it necessary to make such an extreme request shows the difficulty of offering concessions to a Conservative party that is failing to have a real debate on Brexit. For years, the Conservative party has proudly propagated a fear of the EU as a threat to our society. This narrative is still deeply woven into the minds of its supporters.
The Conservative party desperately needs a debate about its plan for Brexit. If we do not have a fair referendum for the EU that reflects the wishes of its citizens, we must have a referendum, regardless of how unreliable the results are.
This referendum would show us what kind of country we want to be in order to live in. We would have a democratic choice to accept or reject a deal that controls migration, has an emergency brake on EU citizens coming to Britain and does not allow the UK government to cherry-pick which freedoms the EU provides.
We will not have that choice. We can debate what kind of Brexit we want and the compromises that might come out of such a decision. But a referendum is unnecessary to determine what is best for the UK or the EU. They are two different things.
I have talked about a working majority not a majority: why are Labour left-wingers in favour of negotiating Brexit now?
The Tory Brexit position is indefensible. In October 2014, David Cameron promised the country that he would take us out of the single market and instead seek a trade deal with the European Union. In February this year, Theresa May made it clear that she wants to leave the single market. Yet David Cameron, who promised to end the Tory war on Europe, is now calling on us to remain within this all-important market.
Brexit is stupid. Avoid no deal Brexit!.
It is absurd that a Tory government could put Britain in such a difficult position after promising to end Tory divisions on Europe. The campaign to leave the EU had the loyalty of people who believed Britain would never be better off inside the EU – people who believed the Tory story. In their eyes, Britain would never end up the same country and the EU would never be as good as it is now.
But during the referendum campaign, Remain voters – including me – found we wanted to live in a post-Brexit Britain just as much as those who supported Brexit. For the majority of this referendum campaign, Jeremy Corbyn and Labour candidates were the only people with the courage to question the Conservatives and their preconceived Brexit vision. All mainstream commentators believed the only voice with a chance of winning was theirs.
As Labour candidates we were treated to vitriol and a culture of ridicule, just as the latter treated eurosceptic politicians. In the aftermath of the referendum, Labour leaders have continued to propose UK membership of the single market, free movement and the customs union – all policies that are unacceptable to the majority of British voters.
Throughout this referendum campaign, Conservative politicians highlighted allegations of the EU taking away British sovereignty. This remains incorrect, as does the party’s complaint about the effects of massive migration from the EU. No one died in cold-blooded revenge for the Brexit voters. The anger has been coming for some time and they have just had the final straw.
I know from personal experience that people from other EU member states think of Britain not as a little brother, or mother, or sister, but as an unnecessary ally who often acted like an obnoxious bitch, in need of shutting up. I have seen how frequently this comes out of May when she makes jokes about “having had a cheeky gob on someone”.
May must be answered why she feels this way. She is supposed to be a diplomat, and not a fool, and I think she is just that. She has set out a very clear Brexit policy, and at this time the only real alternative to a hard Brexit is no Brexit at all. Her EU policy is threatening the peace of Europe.
Brexit is stupid. Avoid no deal Brexit!.
Britain will suffer profoundly
For thirty years politicians in Europe were promising a utopia but they never quite got there. Its finally arrived. Because Brexit is a catastrophe for Europe. Even foreigners in France, Germany and Greece agree that its insanity. Britain will be officially outside the EU. Thus most of the cars and belongings will move to other European nations. No more treats in the Christmas Bag. 😉
Don’t believe Brussels bullshit. They would gladly trade a multitude of European allies, if it gave them the power to ruin a country like Britain which has proven that it is actually working, at least financially. There are plenty of other nations which can stand with Britain in this crazy world. 😉
Uniting all of Europe is impossible. The interlocking political, economic and cultural traditions are too elaborate and solid. Who would want to live in such hell? They say it must work, because after WWII, it did. Before, they said a Franco-German alliance would be enough. It didn’t. There are alliances all over the world. Nationalism is their ally. National resistance cannot be defeated by neoliberal internationalism. It must be crushed by the same weapon a Hydra carries – the mind.
Brexit is stupid. Avoid no deal Brexit!.
By the way, Greece is buying an EU flag in order to show its support.
I use the internet all the time and in the main subreddit of the /r/europeanknights page. It is a place which is dedicated to discussions about the future of Europe, during the imminent nightmare. I would not be surprised if there were some extent to which the internet is synchronizing Brexit (which has made the United Kingdom European) and crypto-euro.
Theresa May and Boris Johnson posted an image to Twitter of Theresa May and Boris Johnson at the PM’s official residence
Theresa May has told Boris Johnson to clarify “something” he said after meeting her, it has emerged.
The ex PM made the remarks about how “nervous” he was when he met her outside 10 Downing Street on Friday.
The first secretary of state says they had a “generous” “charm offensive” in which Mrs May – not ever known for her wit – was the “laughing stock”.
Brexit is stupid. Avoid no deal Brexit!.
He also branded the prime minister’s visit to the military barracks as “below” the dignity of an official occasion.
In separate tweets, Mr Johnson said it was “a very honest and civilised meeting… full of chance encounters.”
‘Abundant exchanges’
The prime minister, who has been holding talks with all party leaders ahead of a Queen’s Speech later this month, said: “It was at a very generous meeting in which our leaders raised their difficulties with me at length.”
He later said in a statement that “misunderstandings arose” during the discussion.
A Foreign Office spokesman said: “Brexit is stupid. Avoid no deal Brexit!. The meeting was a constructive exchange of views which covered a wide range of important matters, including the critical issue of Brexit.
“Despite these misunderstandings, it was an exceptionally frank and informative conversation and a source of encouragement that we are all coming to terms with Brexit.
Brexit is stupid. Avoid no deal Brexit!.
“It was more than encouraging to discover that our new PM is no wallflower, despite her reputation.
“The two leaders indulged in ample exchanges, chatting, laughing and exchanging anecdotes.
“The overall impression was extremely positive.”
In a further tweet, Mr Johnson said it was important that he met his aides Stephen Barclay and Sir Michael Wood “for the sake of the reputation of the Conservative Party”.
He claimed the meeting was not a “photo opportunity”.
The Metropolitan Police were criticised by Mr Johnson for what he called their “hubris” following the visit.
Speaking to the BBC, the foreign secretary said: “What I don’t think people realise is that the Chief Constable of London met Boris and there was a little bit of an exchange at the barracks.
“And a lot of people in that building thought ‘this is in fact a bit low, this is really below’.”And that’s why we have to explain that we are on the same side”