Beautystar CNC – A build walk-trough with pictures

Rotating Engraving bit


This article deals with the Beautystar CNC. Here we will discuss how to build these inexpensive CNC test/hobby machines which seem to be sold by different companies but look pretty much the same.

I added pictures and  explanations in addition to the assembly instructions found on a USB stick. The Instructions are a bit funny as you will find instructions in both Chinese and badly translated English, overlapped in boxes on pictures. There are also instructions to build a Woodpecker CNC, which seems not to be this product. The instructions are fairly accurate but sometimes the boxes are badly sized so you don’t see all of the text or the part looks different, or is mirrored while you are instructed to watch the orientation.

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Building an ANTBOT Part 1 (the robot basics) to get the motors running

DAGU 5 just motors connected

The Insect Robotics Group at Edinburgh University published a partly defunct plan  (No sources and incomplete building instructions) to build an ANTBOT.

I thought I nevertheless give it a go and see where I end up. The whole guide is practical and not intended to communicate endless theory that can be found elsewhere. What we want to achieve here are the minimal requirements to get the robot chassis going.

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