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Clyde Estuary Time Lapse (Hyperlapse) 23.4.2016 – 3.6.2016

Using the techniques mentioned on this site [UCAM Sending] I made a time lapse video of the Clyde Estuary in full HD using 59650 single images using avconf.

First the webcam plays the image on my server, then the

weather data is overlaid. In an additional yet not yet described step this data is stored in a mysql database, for  later reference.

This jpeg image is then copied to a file with a date-time stamp.

date +"%m_%d_%Y"
now=$(date +"%Y_%m_%d__%H_%M_%S")
cp processed.jpg "$now.jpg"

via crontab this is then executed every minute, when the webcam and weather data comes in.

these files are then logrotated daily.

today=`date '+%Y_%m_%d'`;

tar -czvf $filename imagelog;
rm imagelog/*

imagelog is hereby the directory where the files are logged.

This is then downloaded to a local Ubuntu machine, I build and processed for avconf.

First we need to rename all files in order. Since we named them via now (see above), we just need to number them in sequence for avconf.

after unpacking the tar.gz in a place you like execute a line like this.

for i in *.jpg;do mv $i $(printf %06.%s ${X%.*} ${i##*.}); let X ="$X+1"; done

and then

something like

avconf -i "%06d.jpg" -r 25 -c:v libx264 -crf 20 -pix_fmt yuv420p

The interwebs will tell you more about detailed setting of the options for your requirements.

Very interesting is the cloud formation on many days, you see regattas, cruise ships and the Wemyss Bay – Bute Ferries in and out, all with weather data.