The Western World hate Map

Current State of the World

I entered the current state of the Western World without full open wars  in a Graph File. It lists the most obvious current conflicts of players. It doesn’t list the conflicts that the USA has with most of the Muslim world,

The USA is both Friends with Russia and in conflict regarding election influence. Remaining Friends of the USA are Israel and possibly North Korea. The United Kingdom is more or less isolated. Russia is conflict with the EU, tries to influence the USA.

The inner European Conflicts mostly center around the UK, Italy, the Visegrad states and here mostly from Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.  Slovakia being the smallest troublemaker but Austria joining them.

Conflicts are subversion, outright hate, trade wars, sanctions, electoral influence.

I am highly doubtful that the current continuing trend of bully politics and isolationism will lead to a better world.

The Western World hate Map
State of the Western World with more and more far right Governments causing hate and trouble.