3D ADSB plot

Generating a 3D ADSB (ADS-B) Plot

Using a RTL-SDR stick to detect ADSB signals is widely documented.

With jojonas py1090 and matplotlib one can generate a 3D plot of the spotted aircrafts.

After cloning

git clone https://github.com/jojonas/py1090.git

the software on can find in the examples directory a nice script that reads the Basstation output on port 30003 and redirects this to a file.

python3 record_raw_to_file.py

Then one can use the basemap script

python plot_basemap_3dpaths.py

to generate a 3D graphic. It is important to adapt example_helpers.py to the area where you receiver is located, as the basemap defaults to europe, usa or canada. The height is exaggerated.

        "europe": {
                "urcrnrlat": 57,
                "urcrnrlon": -3,
                "llcrnrlat": 53,
                "llcrnrlon": -10,
3D ADSB plot
3D ADSB plot

One can also generate a 2d and a polar plot.

basemap ADSB
Basemap ADSB


Polar ADSB Plot
Polar ADSB Plot

For a nice ongoing polar plot  Virtual Radar Server is a nice .NET open source software for continuous updated polar plots that lets you connect to several servers.