Seville 2009 Habitat3D data set as GPU Render

After having a look into Insect Robotics, I came over the Seville 2009 data set of an ant habitat (Cataglyphis velox).  Converting this with Meshlab and using a generic ant model with some freely available HDRI’s, resulted in some nice pictures in OTOY’s Octane 3.06  to visualise an ant perspective.

There is also a MATLAB representation on

ant Seville2009 data set
Ant model in the DLR Seville 2009 data set.
Ant seville2009 data set
A generic antmodel in the Seville 2009 Cataglyphis velox habitat data set

Ant in Seville 2009 data set
Ant in Seville 2009 data set