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Two Years Weather Summary

This is the summary of our weather here, collected over two years. Data was logged from a N23DQ 2.1.3 OS: 3.0.9 into MySQL as also seen in Periodic sending. The data gets send to a PHP script on a remote server that then makes graphs, overlays this onto a webcam picture, updates the MySQL database and sends the data also to Weather Underground.  But Weather Underground does not give me overall mean temperatures, and does not log certain values, but samples more often, while I took samples every 5 minutes in my own data base. Discrepancies in the histogram and the WU data are explained through this. The peak value of 42 degrees would also have been achieved in full sun exposure. Continue reading Two Years Weather Summary

Clyde Estuary Time Lapse (Hyperlapse) 23.4.2016 – 3.6.2016

Using the techniques mentioned on this site [UCAM Sending] I made a time lapse video of the Clyde Estuary in full HD using 59650 single images using avconf.

First the webcam plays the image on my server, then the Continue reading Clyde Estuary Time Lapse (Hyperlapse) 23.4.2016 – 3.6.2016